Know the Reason for Your Breakup

Breakup is something most of you have experienced at least once in a lifetime. This will always leave you in distress and if you are an over-thinker, you are doomed. Whether the reason for the breakup was yours or your partner, either way, numerous questions can cross your mind. For instance, are the main reason for the breakup, is my ex dating someone else now, or was I not good enough? These questions can lead to ultimate depression. Here you can find the potential reasons for the most traumatic experience of your life but do not forget the saying Blessing in Disguise.

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The Potential Reasons for the Increasing Breakup

Unrealistic Expectation

Unrealistic expectation from your partners can lead to dissatisfaction and leads to you relay on the fantasy world. The expectations that cannot be met in reality can lead to sheer disappointment in each other and thus eventually lead to a breakup.

Lack of expression

If you or the partners lack expressing your emotions, it can be a cause of mental distress and overthinking. If one is upset and the other does not even bother or show any emotional expressions, the purpose of a relationship is almost dead. If the partner is crying and you don’t even express the emotions to comfort them then the relationship is meant to doom.


Cheating is becoming very common with every passing day. One can literally find their partner cheating via messages or social media, and you can just catch them red-handed, If you have found your partner cheating or your partner has found you cheating, then it will only create problems and a lack of trust. Who can live with a cheater knowing the fact that it tends to happen again, as once a cheater always a cheater? It itself will always lead to heartbreaks and you can never be able to live together without questioning each other.

Lack of Communication

If you are not making time for each other and this leads to a lack of communication, this will result in hallucinations and will always keep you in doubt about what the other person is up to. The way you feel and what is disturbing the peace of your mind is not communicated to your partner, the relationship loses its essence.


If there are repetitive arguments over small things, and this has created many ambiguities in your relationship, this will disturb the peace of your mind and a relationship where there are arguments every day. No one wants to be in a relationship that is a continuous source of torture for mental health.

No Dates Anymore

When you stop going out on a date there is a difference in routine as per the initial days. When you start losing that charm, the overall charm of the relationship goes in vain. To maintain the charm the way it was at the very start is important to keep the love alive.


Imagine you just figured out that your partner is lying to you about a minor issue or vice versa, this will have a huge impact on your trust level. Eventually, you will stop believing whatever they say in the future if this continues to happen, and then it is always one of the reasons to part ways for the best interest.

Giving up on each other

When the partner does not support each other through the storms and tough times then the last resort is to break up. Relationships are all about giving in the best to pass all the storms together, the moment you stop giving in and give up on each other, the bond will not remain the same.

Lack of compromise

Two partners can be poles apart in nature, and the only thing that keeps the relationship going is compromise. If one partner is compromising throughout and the other is just stubborn, it will eventually result in a break up as at the end of the day, the partner who has compromised will be fed up.

No Efforts

When the efforts start reducing and there are no cute gestures like birthday presents, anniversary presents, or surprises, then all the charm is lost. Effort from both sides is always required and only if one person is putting an effort then it is not a good idea to continue. Your partner always forgets your birthday and important dates, and this will always upset you in the end. The less effort for the chapter will eventually lead to a breakup for the slightest reason.


The breakups are painful and can always be a source of depression for a few months. No matter what the reason is for your breakup, at the end of the day, you should know your worth and that you can do so much better. If you are aware of this from the very start, then you will always be able to avoid this pain in the end. This Male reality calculator is designed especially for you, so you can realize your value and identify your right dating pool. It only takes a few steps and a few minutes to get the result out of it. Cheer up and know that you deserve the best, the breakup is not the end of the world, it will always lead to someone even better in the long run.

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