How to Guess the Man’s Age Accurately – Tricks You Should Know

Age is merely a number, but do you ever find yourself questioning your mind after meeting someone “How old is he”. Everyone has a different aging pattern, so at times, it might be difficult to guess. But you all need to know a few tricks that can help you guess like never before.

In this article, we will take a look at some of the key features and factors that will help you to know someone’s age without even having to ask about it. 

No matter what is your goal to win a bet or an argument or just to satisfy your curiosity, you will get the answer for it all here. This article also includes references from scientific studies on facial aging that can be helpful as an insight into the age. Let us start to explore the factors and gain some valuable information.

Physical appearance indicators

As we age, our bodies also evolve the way we look and feel.  Here we will explore some features and physical appearance that are associated with the way we look and can be great clues while getting to know how old someone is.

Facial Features

The face can show great signs of aging. If there are spots wrinkles, and sagging skin can be helpful to identify the exact age. As people grow older, their face starts showing it and you can easily guess it by analyzing it well.

Grey Hair

Grey hair or white hair is often associated with aging. If you spot their hair turning grey or white you can indicate that they are surely above mids 30s or more.


The baldness or hair disappearing is often a great indicator. Thinning hair or baldness around the forehead happens with time and as a man grows older. 

Face Hair

The facial hair like a beard or moustache turning grey and white means the man is not young as this most commonly happens with age. 


The posture and the way the person moves surely give the sign of how old they are. When they are older they will move a bit slower and might have some postural problems. While the young people will be faster and have fewer similar problems.

Age will affect the ability to do certain tasks with ease and fast for instance jumping. playing etc.

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Guess by Fashion and Style Sense

Fashion and dressing sense evolve with age and time and this can be a great sign to guess the age of a man. There are certain things under this category that we will explore now.

Clothing Style

The clothing and dress-up sense like vintage clothes or some specific fashion trends can indicate their age group easily. If they tend to follow the old fashion trends that can mean they are from that era. As every era has it is own specialty. 

Colour preference for clothes

The older you get you start liking subtle and decent colors, while young people are more about going all colorful to look bright. If the man is wearing more subtle colors it might mean they are mature now and their preference has evolved.

Interests and Conversation

If they tend to engage in political discussions, and historical events, and share significant life lessons and experiences this might be a great sign for their current age. As people age, they tend to indulge in more healthy and mature discussions. Someone who is still very young will not be interested in any serious discussion unless and until it is a hot topic on Twitter or somewhere.

Family Status

To guess the person’s age accurately the family status also plays a vital role and is one of the most obvious indicators. If someone is married or has kids, means he is old enough as compared to someone who is still single and looking to mingle. Similarly, someone having young children will be younger than someone having older children but some other factors might play a role in this.


The lifestyle choice made by every person can be personal and as per their own liking. But as people age, they tend to be more conscious about what they eat and what they do. Health consciousness coming with age is very natural. Certain lifestyles are also associated with certain eras and age groups. Young people, tend to make negative lifestyle choices as they are not much concerned about their age. The way they are living their life and their preferences can help guess someone’s age.

Professional Achivements

The professional achievements can help you guess their age. A person’s career achievements, including their job titles and years of experience, can help guess their age. Someone with decades of experience is likely older than a recent graduate, thus it can guess the age without asking. A person who is a manager or director at come company might be older than the one who is just doing an entry-level job.

Technological Friendliness

If the person is tech savvy means they are young and from a recent generation as they are more easily to adapt to advancements in technology. The person who is not tech savvy might be old and while young while be more well versed with it and all the updates.


If as a man you ever wonder how can someone guess your age or your potential partner has not asked it up front they might have assessed it while performing these magic tricks. In this era, many factors play a role in determining the age.

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